What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process by which structured communication and negotiation, facilitated by a mediator, is used to identify mutual and competing interests to help parties find an appropriate solution to their dispute. There is almost always a solution. Often, getting to that solution requires creativity, patience and persistence.

Every dispute has at least one thing in common, the parties. Conflict is disruptive and can be financially, emotionally and personally draining for all sides. Engaging in a collaborative process to identify competing and common interests can be extremely effective in solving problems, even in highly contentious cases. Moreover, working toward a common goal may help restore an important business relationship or build the foundation to resolve other conflicts that may arise.

Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, municipalities, and private parties increasingly turn to mediation rather than litigation to settle disputes. Many Federal, State, and Appeals Courts in the U.S. use court sponsored mediation to settle cases with noted success.