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Business brings people with mutual interests together, often from different cultures and legal systems. Yet, there are almost always competing interests, and these can become the source of conflict, leading to unanticipated cost, delay, and frustration of goals.

Real estate disputes occur at many stages of property transactions, including acquisition, funding, development, capitalization and the distribution of profits, proceeds, losses, and liabilities. These disputes may intensify antagonism, leading to long term delay, decreased ROI, and lost opportunity.

Litigating class action, employment, civil rights, FLSA, FTCA and serious injury claims can quickly become financially and emotionally challenging for all parties. In many instances, litigants may wish to resolve their claims and end outstanding litigation but are uncertain about how to begin or engage in settlement discussions.

The negotiation of significant disputes ordinarily unfolds in stages. The process has the greatest chance of success, meaning that the parties’ reasonable needs will be satisfied, through a well-planned, appropriate strategy.