Our Services

International and Domestic Commercial, Business, & Partnership Disputes

International business brings together parties from different cultures and legal traditions, often in complicated ventures. This adds to the complexity and cost of resolving disputes when they arise. The same principles apply in  domestic business disputes: efficient and effective conflict resolution are key to meeting busiess needs

Employment, Civil Rights, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Claims

Employment, civil rights, sexual harassment, and discrimination claims can be financially and emotionally challenging for the parties involved. DiCaprio ADR understands the complexity of these matters and can faciliate a mediated resolution that all parties can embrace.


Real Estate, Cooperative & Condominium Disputes

DiCaprio ADR can facilitate mediated solutions in real estate matters, including developer-owner disputes, commercial lessor -lessee disputes, claims between joint tenants, disputes between cooperative and condominium boards and owners.

Government & Community Disputes

When federal, local, or state politics become fraught with conflict, stakeholders’ attitudes can become entrenched, leading to a communication breakdown, the inability to recognize mutual interests and an unwillingness to compromise.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Extractive Industry, Community Disputes

Our legal experience in extractive industry impact litigation and corporate social responsibility cases, and the settlements we have brought about in these matters, gives us a direct view and deep understanding of the complex interests at play which are often both conflicting and mutual.

Mediation Support and Consulting Services

A well-planned strategy can make the difference between a mediation that is productive and one that is unproductive. DiCaprio ADR can help develop a conflict resolution strategy for each phase of a mediation or negotiation to minimize surprise, develop alternative formulations in advance, and help keep the process on a planned path.