Our Services

Negotiation and Mediation Consulting

The negotiation of significant disputes ordinarily unfolds in stages. The process has the greatest chance of success, meaning that the parties’ reasonable needs will be satisfied, through a well-planned, appropriate strategy. DiCaprio ADR works with parties and their attorneys to help define principal negotiation goals and interests and to develop a strategy for achieving them. This may include interactive evaluation of a party’s best case/ worst case outcomes and a clear articulation of what a “good” result is. The process may also include identifying issues that are likely to be raised in negotiations, minimizing surprise.

A Note About Our Pro Bono Work

DiCaprio ADR’s commitment to dispute resolution arises from our belief that resolving disputes helps to make the world better for all of us. Our robust pro bono mediation practice, to name a few, includes multiparty prison litigation, Federal Tort Claim litigation and International Human Rights Conflict.