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International and Domestic Commercial, Business, & Partnership Disputes

International business brings together parties from different cultures and legal traditions, often in complicated ventures. This adds to the complexity and cost of resolving disputes when they arise. Unlike litigation, which is formalistic and time consuming, mediation provides greater flexibility to develop a dispute resolution processes that better fits the parties’ needs. DiCaprio ADR has mediators with legal training in international and comparative law and years of experience in such matters.

Domestically, businesses recognize the value a trained and experienced mediator can bring to a business dispute. Many business people and general counsel find mediation to be less time and financially intensive than is litigation, which can increase contentiousness and polarize the parties and turn to mediation first as a matter of course.

DiCaprio ADR mediates international and domestic corporate, partnership, and business matters including corporate dissolution and shareholder disputes, contractor-sub-contractor disputes, breach of contract claims, start-ups and a variety of other business related matters.